The team at Vampire Vape is creating flavours for 35 years. Evidentally, this was before turning their attention to liquids as well. Thus, with their extensive experience and impressive facilities. They were able to sink their teeth into their new project with gusto. Therefore, from the outset produced amazing blood, oops! We mean Juice!

Their range of United Kingdom origin liquid continued to evolve and now features unmissable flavours. Regardless, some of which achieved legendary status. Undoubtedly, the company soon garnered a fabulous reputation for quality, consistency and originality. Because they have always listened to their victims. Vampire Vape have always listened to their customers’ feedback and work hard to deliver exceptional juice that is priced to please.
Vampire Vape take quality and safety extremely seriously, which is unusual for the undead. They have three clean rooms just for liquid production. Also, two full time flavourists who develop new products for vapers to enjoy. For example, a sample from every batch of juice stored for fifteen years for future testing. Obviously, there is a clear audit trail for every bottle of juice and all of the ingredients that are used.

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