The Beginners’ Guide to vaping

Important parts on vaping device, in Beginners' Guide to vaping

Hello friend! Thrilled to have a ride through the world of vaping? Kudos! You have entered the right spot. This guide from vape Dubai helps you learn more about e-cigarette UAE and the thrilling adventure it offers. Before beginning your vaping journey, let’s briefly narrate the ideas of the e-cigarettes prevailing in the Vape Dubai community.

Drip tip

The drip tip is the point through which we inhale the vape juice.


The tank is where e-liquid is placed securely.


A wicking material, usually cotton, surrounds a metal coil. A periodic coil change, usually on an interval of a few days or a week, is perfect for a seamless vaping session. If you experience a burnt taste while vaping, it denotes the time for a coil change.

Battery / Regulated Mod

It is the source of power in a vape pod. The power output is denoted by Watts (W) or Volts (V). The battery capacity is usually denoted by milliampere per hour (mA/h).



Cig-a-like cigarettes are designed exclusively for smokers who switched to e-cigarettes for a healthy smoking experience. The device imitates conventional cigarettes. Above all, anyone can operate the device effortlessly due to the more straightforward design. The popular cig-a-like vapes are:

Disposable Vapes

With a built-in battery and prefilled e-juice, disposable vapes are the best companion for novices. And they can be discarded when used. 

Prefilled Vapes

Novices consider prefilled pods a suitable companion as the pods can be easily popped in and out of the kits.

Vape Pens (MTL)

  • Cylindrical vape devices are larger compared to cig-a-like vape kits 
  • Increased battery power and cloud production.

Pod Mod

  • Low wattage vape devices with nic-salt e-juices
  • User-friendly 
  • Ultra-portable vape devices

Box Mod

It is the most sophisticated and powerful vape device in the Vape market for cloud chasers. With a high battery power backed up with advanced features, box mods can personalize the user’s vaping experience.

The Perfect Steps to Vaping

Ideal knowledge of vaping procedures is necessary to enhance the vaping experience. Here is a list of procedures that are to be followed for a seamless vaping session.


Inhaling an e-cigarette should be done slowly and steadily until your mouth gets filled with vapours.

Hold and Exhale:

  • Hold the vapour in the mouth for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Inhale the vapour into the lungs or exhale through the nose or mouth


If you are a cigarette smoker who switched to vaping, you know that you get the kick you crave within 8 seconds of taking the puff. Unlike cigarettes, nicotine absorption in e-cigarettes is through the mucus membrane. Hence, a hit is acquired only within 30 seconds of puffing. In the initial stage, this might be a frustrating experience for a chain smoker. But we can guarantee you that it is easy to accustom. Above all, health should be our top priority and vaping is the most healthy alternative to smoking.