Juice Roll-Upz has a huge collection of vapor juice with different fruity blends and menthol ICE alternatives as well.

Vape Monkey Dubai has a huge selection of Juice Roll Upz vape juice flavors at very low prices. Base on our loyal customer reviews we sell the best Juice Roll Upz E liquids that Juice Roll Upz produces for vapes.

E juice flavors include Blue Cotton Candy, Tropical Hi-Punch, Roll Whip, Berry Lemonade e liquid, Strawberry ejuice,

Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Mango vape juice. Now available in nic salt form with new Juice Roll Upz Salts. Premium Juice Roll-Upz E Juice comes in either 60ml, 100ml, or 120ml sizes of Ejuice. Check out the Tropical and Carnival Juice Roll Upz lines here.

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