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Best Synthetic Nicotine: 2022’s Innovation in Vaping Industry


Have you seen TFN or TFN Nicotine on a bottle of e-liquid recently? If the answer is no, take a closer look at the vape juice you are using. There are likely changes in their formula and label design that have been so subtle that even if you haven’t noticed them yet, they may be advertising synthetic nicotine by 2022. “TFN” stands for tobacco-free nicotine – meaning the nicotine in your e-liquid isn’t actually derived from tobacco but synthetically made with laboratory ingredients instead. With this said, it’s highly possible most vape juices will use TFN baccy by the end of the year 2022 and how it can affect your vaping experience is a general discussion that is being held these days.

The Synthesis of Nicotine

Nicotine is most commonly extracted from tobacco leaves but can also be made in a laboratory. One way to synthesize nicotine involves taking a molecule that can serve as a nicotine precursor and combining the precursor with an element such as palladium which reacts and forms the desired molecule. It’s far more expensive to get synthetic nicotine than extract it from tobacco leaves- but there are benefits too! There is strong demand for synthetic nicotine in the vaping industry: laboratories have refined their production methods accordingly rather than decreasing e-liquid prices for consumers. Between improved production efficiency and high demands, switching from natural products has not really affected prices yet!

The process of manufacturing synthetic baccy is kept private, but it’s known that one method involves using ethyl nicotinate as a precursor. Ethyl nicotinate is an ester of niacin or vitamin B3 – and can be converted to nicotine through the use of multiple chemical reactions. As long as patents for these methods remain in force, more than one method may be used to create synthetic nicotine for e-liquids.

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Synthetic Nicotine and its Relevance

So, what is synthetic nicotine? It’s a chemical you ingest to regulate your mood. Synthetic baccy only became an option for vaping at the beginning of 2018 when it was approved by the FDA as a new product and freed from regulation as a tobacco additive. Before this happened, all e-liquid makers used natural extraction methods to create their products, including solvents like ammonia, petroleum ether, and ethanol. In terms of where the original cleaner source of nicotine comes from for e-liquids: until recently (2018), tobacco has always been both its primary source but now synthetic has become available these days too, thanks to its approval by FDA (The specific type currently used is manufactured according to pharmaceutical industry standards). This means that over 99% pure synthetic can be created without contamination or residual solvent present.

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The Other Natural Sources of Nicotine

Currently, the term “tobacco-free nicotine” always refers to synthetic nicotine. Tobacco isn’t the only plant with it, though. Eggplants, potatoes, and tomatoes all have some degree of baccy. The problem is that if we’re using any of those plants for their high concentration levels of this chemical, they are very low, so they aren’t a viable option commercially; eggplant with 100g has 0.01mg! To get an average cigarette’s worth (1mg), you would need 10kgs which is prohibitively expensive and wasteful of too much food in one go… In the future, however, these companies could genetically engineer one such plant to produce higher amounts, but until then, the synthetic form will be used exclusively. There is a fast-growing trend in the Vape UAE market promoting disposable vapes and e-juices made of synthetic nicotine that are perfectly tobacco-free and more healthy.

Taste and Feel of Synthetic Nicotine and Tobacco Derived Nicotine

It’s hard to believe, but that means your favorite salt-nic vape may not be derived from tobacco–the brand might have already switched to synthetic nicotine! That’s because the true pharmaceutical grade of natural nicotine is already more than 99% pure. Synthetic and natural forms have similar purity; however, they are derived differently. There are only two reasons why an e-liquid with a synthetic form might taste different than one with a tobacco extract: either the latter isn’t actually pharmaceutical grade, or there could be some leftover remnants by way of minute tobacco particles within it. In this case, an e-liquid maker might attempt to cover up these bitter tastes using sweeteners or strong flavors.

People can’t tell the difference between synthetic baccy and tobacco-derived nicotine. But some people have commented that it’s less likely to cause hiccups at high strengths. If you use a high-strength tobacco-derived e-liquid and sometimes experience hiccups when vaping, try using synthetically derived nicotine instead – you may find that your risk of getting a headache has decreased or disappeared altogether!

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Where to Buy Synthetic Nicotine E-Liquid?

As of the time this Vape Dubai blog is being published, synthetic baccy is mainly produced in North America and Europe, and, likely, your favorite e-liquid manufacturer has already switched to using TFN. To find TFN e-liquids, just watch their selection at an online or local vape shop. Generally, a brand that has made the transition will want to broadcast its changeover as far as possible so consumers know what they’re vaping. The presence of TFN nicotine is generally desirable because it offers consumers an opportunity to distance themselves from tobacco products even more than before, who are happy for any opportunity available like this one. Also, switching from tobacco-derived baccy to synthetic costs much more than getting organic material because you have to reconfigure your production lines, which can be expensive. You would also need higher quantities per bottle/batch if not all batches were larger.


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