Legal Update

                                                   We wish to update our Vape Market UAE customers with the recent Legal update in the Vape Dubai community.!

The UAE decided to permit the sale of vape products in the UAE vape stores by mid-April 2019. It offers innovations and updated versions for vape products, bottle sizes and nicotine strengths. We hope that this new initiative will bring about huge changes with an overall positive impact among both vapers and sellers

The changes we could experience:

  1. Product packaging
  2. Nicotine Strength availability
  3. Tank capacity size
  4. Taxation and price
  5. Availability of products

However, vaping an e-cigarette in public has the same restrictions as smoking. Vaping in an unauthorised area in the UAE will be subject to a fine of up to 2000 AED (£420).

We stock new products in our store, often following the regulations. Then, only after a lab test and approval from ESMA, we exhibit the products in our store.

We keep our customers updated with the new developments and innovations in the Vape UAE community with our mailing campaigns and blog updates. Until then, happy vaping to all.